Reviews of 2014 Cotswold Way Challenge

The following reviews / comments were posted by participants of our 2014 Cotswold Way Challenge on our Facebook page in the days following the event. If you would like to visit the actual Facebook page to see them for yourself, please click here

Mark Hooper Thanks to all the organisers, crew and fellow runners who made this such an enjoyable weekend of running.(Facebook)


Neil Martin BIG THANKS to all of the crew, medics and the other runners. An unforgettable, amazing experience(Facebook)


Kevin Palmer So glad too arrive at the finish well done to everyone involved amazing 4 days and raised lots of pennys(Facebook)


Tom Crawford Thanks for a great 4 days. Enjoyed every mile.(Facebook)


Jo Lord Brilliant 4 days even if I didn’t run the last one. thanks to Lou and Michelle for looking after me. I will be back to do it all next year. well done to everyone who finished. very emotional to watch, especially to see Imme and Wendy.(Facebook)


Kooki Cat Thank you to all the team who looked after us over the past 4 days. I enjoyed every minute can’t say the same for my feet thou! Well done to everyone who finished.(Facebook)


Vivien Toms Huge thanks to Rick, Andy and the rest of the crew for looking after us so well and for a fantastic four days. Everybody was so friendly and apart from having web feet I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be back next year for the third time! X(Facebook)


Gwyn James A fantastic four days despite the weather. Huge thanks to the really enthusiastic and encouraging organising team for all your hard work!(Facebook)


David Egan Thank you for putting on such an amazing event. I’ve ran in many many events and I can honestly say that you have put on the best yet. I can’t remember smiling so much as I have over the last few days. The route was great. The food was so good that nothing I’ve ate since seems to taste any good. The entertainment was an extra treat with an unexpected, exceptionally inspiring guest speaker. All the crew were great and I felt very spoilt having so much done for me.
I would like to make a point of how great Rebecca Blake was during the event, made only more impressive when I found out she was volunteering.Everyone was amazing in their support but she seemed to stand out so much that I felt she was part of our small running group, encouraging each other on from start to finish. (Email 12 Aug 2014)


Jacqui Vaughan Having just returned from completing the cotswold way run i wanted to let you know how great it all was, not so much the blisters and anterior tibialis Tendonitis I have now!! Hey oh but the rest.
Firstly I cannot praise every member of the crew enough, they were without exception helpful, friendly and encouraging. The organisation was fantastic and although we did the running we could not have done it without all of you.
The food provided at the campsites was very good with plenty of it, well needed to.
Please also give thanks to the 2 massage girls who did a grand job keeping us all going, they were unfailingly willing and cheerful working until late to ensure everyone who wanted a massage had one, their hands must have been as sore as our legs by the end of each day, and it certainly made a big difference. I didn’t personally use the ice baths, a step too far for me, although perhaps I should have for my right leg but they were there.
I went for the glamping option and was very pleased I did I loved the yurt, especially the strong central pole which I used to pull myself up in the mornings, lol, no it was all very much worth it.
Also much appreciated was the flexibility for early starts as I and a few others were not the fastest of the bunch.
So many thanks, that was my biggest challenge and it was great to have such a fantastic bunch of people to share it with both runners and crew.(Email 13 Aug 2014)


Neil Martin also wrote an amazing blog about his experience during our 2014 Cotswold Way Challenge, its a great read, please click here to see his blog!