Reviews of 2013 Cotswold Way Challenge

The following reviews / comments were posted by participants of our 2013 Cotswold Way Challenge on our Facebook page in the days following the event. If you would like to visit the actual Facebook page to see them for yourself, please click here


Rebecca Vaughan Thank you to all the Crew and Support team who made this such a fantastic event. Brilliantly organised and great atmosphere!


Russ Harper Great event…loved it…..


Keith Parkes hope everyone had a good time at the pub last night I got there but was too tired to stay! ! I don’t know what was the biggest hint walking around with my t shirt on back to front or the fact I got my drink and sat down without paying for it! Thanks to the organisers and the physios (they well needed! ) for a great event. lastly thanks to all my fellow runners who were friendly chatty helpful and on the hills very supportive with there words of encouragement! ! get home safe and hope to see you soon doing another nutty event regards keith x


Yvonne Cottiss Was Simpson Wow what an experience. Thank you to all the support crew who were amazing. It was great to See a smiling face with some words of encouragement to keep you going. Also a big thanks to the medics who nursed my grazed knee. Thank you to you all you were fantastic x


Paul BJ Mather Still on a high after finishing last night and about 2 hours sleep! An amazing event with amazing people – absolutley loved it! Thank you to the organisers for their work and the fun last night!


Roz Glover Absolutely unforgettable awesome 4 days… feel so lucky to have undertaken this challenge with such awesome people. The organisers are amazing to have come up with this concept and it worked so so well.


Helen Mann Thanks everyone for such an unforgettable weekend – organisers, fellow runners and of course famous 5. Miss you all already, but the legs are glad I’m not running today! X


Dave Rogers Thanks for a great 4 days, im not sure how long it will take me to recover but I had an amazing time, I, met and ran with some really great people and special thanks to my day 4 running partner Luke and his wife for providing/sharing coke and flapjacks at the end, it was much needed after 35 miles.


Matt Southam Huge well done and pat on the back to everyone! Organisers were great and really pleased and honoured to have taken part. Met some amazing people along the way and even experienced a few of the local ciders and beers at each stop 😉


Tom Stenning Awesome event even if my ankle is now twice the size it used to be. I’m now convinced that ultras are the way to go so thanks 100 mile team for all the pain i’ll be putting myself through over the next few years…


Stephen Cottrell Thanks to all the organisers at 100m run for making the inaugural event such a special one. Fantastic to meet everyone running. Never have I met such a determined bunch in my life.


Nicki Edwards (Via email) Just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant 4 days in the Cotswolds. Was a great event, well organised and lots of fun, enjoyed it all. Was a beautiful route to run/shuffle/stagger!!

The whole team were fantastic, the other runners were friendly and supportive.

Please pass on my thanks to the medics and physio who dealt with my aches and pains, especially on the last day when I was struggling with ankle pain, Simon and Simon at check point two were great, ice pack and a cup of tea were much needed. Took a lot of willpower not to accept the offer of a lift to the end!!

Really glad I continued and managed to complete the challenge even though it was a lot slower than I would have liked.

Again thank you all, loved it and already thinking about coming back next year!


Viv Toms (Via email) Just wanted to say big thank you to Rick and all the other crew for such a fantastic time and for looking after us so well.  xx