100 Mile Run – 3 Months to go – Snacks

Posted on May 9, 2014 in News

Hello Runners

We’re now 3 months out from our 2014 event and this article we’re talking SNACKS!

As we understand, some of you may be new to back-to-back long distance running, and may not have considered what fuel you will need throughout your day running along the gorgeous Cotswold Way.

There are many options out there for you, ranging from sports gels, chews, blocks, beans; to fresh or dried fruits; to gummy bears, jelly beans and other candy. But which is the best?

Here are our thoughts:

Sports gels/chews/blocks/beans – There’s no denying that these products are FULL of the essential protein, nutrients and carbohydrates that your body will be craving throughout your day. They are easy and convenient to both carry and consume. However, the convenience does come at a price! Feedback from many runners is that they don’t like the taste or texture of these products. The good news is they all come in a variety of textures and flavours, so it may be a case of keep trying different brands and flavours until you find one that you like.100 mile run snacks

Another complaint about these products is that they can leave you with an upset stomach – which is why, if you’re new to these products, you may want to test it out now! Make sure that you start off with small amounts (maybe half a gel) and don’t forget to keep yourself well hydrated – this will help dilute the gel/chew, rather than have it sitting in your stomach.


Fresh/dried fruits – Nothing beats the nutrition and satisfaction of eating fresh fruit.

100 mile run snacksBananas (the riper, the better) are even more nutritious than drinking a carbohydrate drink. They can however, be difficult to transport. One suggestion we do have (and don’t laugh) is baby food. They are practical (re-sealable pouches that can easily be transported) and you get some great organic varieties with all the vitamins and natural sugars your body will need during your day.

Fresh apples, oranges, apples etc are all high in sugar and contain Vitamin C. They are refreshing and relatively easy to carry on route with you.

An easier alternative to carrying fresh fruit with you is having dried fruit. They’re very high in calories to give you energy, but it doesn’t feel like you’re eating much so it won’t leave you with a heavy feeling in your stomach.  Dried dates are higher in simple sugars & carbohydrates than any other dried fruit; and dried cherries are known to help reduce muscle soreness due to their anti-inflammatory agents.

Fresh fruit contains natural juices, which will help keep you hydrated during your run. Please be aware that dried fruit has been dehydrated of all natural juices, so you will need to increase your water intake if you eat dried fruits.

Gummy Bears/Jelly Beans/ candy – Gummy bears or Jelly Beans are a good choice because they are full of sugar and contain no fat or fibre; however you may prefer to choose a food that contains some type of nutrients or goodness. Studies show that during exercise, athletes perform well on sugar filled candy; though candy contains no nutrients which are critical for bone strength and post exercise recovery.100 mile run snacks

So, consume candy every so often if you need a boost in energy, but best not to rely solely on candy to provide your energy throughout the run.


How often do I need to snack? There are many formulas out there which say you should start refuelling within the first 30 minutes of running, others say you should wait at least an hour, and then consume 30-60g of carbohydrates every hour. Some say every 15 minutes you should consume a small amount of fuel. We say: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! We’re all made different, we will be running at different paces, so we will all need different amounts of fuel during our challenge.

We suggest in the next couple of months you try out a variety of options to get a feel for which forms of energy your body reacts well to.

Good Luck and see you in three months!

The 100 Mile Run Team